Detailed directions of activity of the Laboratory

Development of methods of calculations of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the use of work equipment;

Modeling of processes of heat and mass transfer for finding optimal parameters and conditions of use of fuel and energy resources;

Survey of heat supply facilities and heat consumption in order to collect information and statistics;

Analysis and study of new methods of energy conservation;

Development of the concept of energy saving of industrial enterprises and settlements, drawing up of business plans, feasibility study, project appraisal, conducting energy audits, compiling energy balances, energy efficiency and monitoring the actual events;

Research and industrial tests of new methods and ways to save energy;

Developing practical recommendations aimed at reducing energy use, reducing costs and assessment timelines for their implementation, the development of energy-saving activities, including without cost (institutional, etc.) and fast payback;

Development of technological and hydraulic circuits of boiler and distribution thermal networks, optimize their performance and modeling of heat supply enterprises, towns and settlements;

Study on methods of accumulation and distribution of thermal energy, aerodynamics and heat in buildings and constructions

Development of automatic control systems and control processes of generation and distribution of heat energy;

Development of methods of preliminary preparation of fuel, air, coolant and heat recycling, water treatment and ways to deal with scale and corrosion;

Experimental research of combustion gas and diesel fuel;

heat supply optimization project development of human settlements, execution assessment criteria choice of an optimum variant of heat supply facilities, conducting hydraulic calculations of heat networks of human settlements;

Development of technical documentation, sufficient for buildings and structures of water and air heating systems using heat soil and Sun

Development of design documentation and feasibility studies of industrial enterprises and the transfer of power boilers for combustion of biomass and waste;

Improvement of combustion chambers of fire-tube boilers;

Development and application in production of secondary emitters for flue boilers of fire-tube cameras;

Development of design and project documentation, methods of calculation and commercializing flue gas heat exchangers based on pipes with incomplete transverse ribbing;

Development and commissioning of gas boilers brand KVMU-1.25 Ng;

Study of heat transfer during movement of Biphasic streams in tubes of condensers for air cooling.