Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


2-a, Zhelyabov Street, Kyiv, 03057

Phone:380+ (044) 456-6282

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The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was founded in 1947. It is a leading institution in Ukraine that currently performs academic and applied engineering research in the areas of thermal power engineering and energy saving technologies in industry.

The main activities of the Institute are fundamental research of thermophysical processes in thermal power engineering; theoretical and experimental research of heat and mass transfer in single- and multiphase flows; studies of micro- and nanoprocesses in thermophysical systems; development of new technologies and equipment for municipal power engineering; thermal technologies for industry; development and application of new thermophysical devices and measurement systems for thermal power engineering, construction and industry; use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

The institute consists of 12 scientific departments, Experimental Design and Technology Bureau, as well as the Science and Technology Center of Device Building for Thermal Power Engineering. The Institute employs 419 high-qualified professionals, among them are 2 Academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 7 Corresponding Members of the NASU, 22 Doctors of Sciences and 90 Candidates of Sciences.

The Institute accommodates also the National Committee for Heat and Mass Transfer of Ukraine; Committee on Drying of the CIS countries, the Interdepartmental Coordinating Council for Small-Size Power Engineering; the Section “Energy Saving Technologies” at the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine; the National Association of Ukraine for Heat Pumps, the Scientific Council on the problem “Thermal Technologies”. Specialists of the Institute are members and experts of the committees and boards at different ministries, departments and state administrations dealing with production, transportation and consumption of energy.

Since 1979, the Institute has been publishing the international scientific and technical journal “Industrial Heat Engineering”.

The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics is the organizer of several annual international scientific conferences.

The Institute maintains a permanent exhibition “Energy- and resource saving” demonstrating the technologies and equipment developed in the Institute.

The Institute has extensive international collaboration. The Institute is a co-founder of scientific and engineering centers in the USA, China and Vietnam.

The most important areas of research performed at the Institute that have significant potential for the extensive application in thermal power energy and industry of Ukraine include the following low-cost and fast payback technologies and developments: combined production of heat and electricity based on heating plants and natural gas transportation systems using power gas turbines and gas engines of domestic production; technologies and equipment for utilization of exhaust gas heat boilers and industrial furnaces; multi-branch technologies and equipment on the base of the method of discrete pulse input of energy (DPIE); multi-branch drying technologies; technologies for building materials; technologies for production of thermal energy by burning of waste wood, straw, etc.; methods of control of energy at manufacture, transportation and consumption.

To solve social problems, the Institute develops and implements technologies and equipment in the agricultural sector, for production of dry rations (dry food mixes for quick cooking of food in field conditions) for military personnel, as well as thermal technologies for production of foodstuffs of preventive medical and health values.

The Institute works for the future and actively looks for and implements new ways of collaboration with the regions of Ukraine, innovative foundations and banks to invest in new technologies.