The main activities of the laboratory

Scientific activity includes studying heat and mass transfer processes in multicomponent dispersed systems in order to create and implement effective technologies and equipment using modern methods of processing materials for special products with the desired properties.

Since 1997 there are two main directions pf of the laboratory activity:

  1. The study of the complex interrelated heat and mass transfer processes, development and implementation of energy saving technologies in production of new functional and dietary therapeutic purpose soy-based products, which meet modern technical and medical-biological conditions (pediatrics, oncology) .
  2. The study of heat and mass transfer processes in the creation of a phospholipid vesicles with a given set of properties and structural characteristics in order to develope technologies and equipment for their production and to use them as effective means of local delivery of biologically active substances. The use of vesicular nanostructures in medicine, agriculture and other sectors of the industry.

The method of discrete-pulse input of energy is widely used in the laboratory studies. It provides a high level of intensification of the hydrodynamic and heat and mass transfer processes in complex heterogeneous systems .