The main activities of the department SSPE

2-11.Development of the scientific basis for the creation of energy-efficient technologies for the use of heat emissions from energy and industrial facilities.

2.Development of approaches to mathematical modeling and methods and means of improving the working processes of burner devices of heat power plants.

3. Development of scientific and technical foundations for the modernization of heat supply systems.

2-24. Development of methods and means of greening heat power plants.


5. Development of scientific and technical fundamentals of thermophysics of creating polymer micro- and nanocomposites for elements of heat-power equipment.



6. Development of approaches to improve the efficiency of mathematical modeling of transfer processes based on the methods of polyargument systems and theory of localization.

7. Development of integrated approaches to estimate the effectiveness of heat power equipment based on exergy analysis methods.

8. Analysis of thermophysical safety aspects of reactor facilities.

9. Mathematical modeling of the flow and heat transfer in the channels of water-water nuclear reactors at supercritical pressures.