Description of ongoing and completed projects the Department SSPE

Departmental topics Development of thermophysical bases of high-performance technologies of micro torch fuel combustion and utilization of heat emission of boilers using nanocomposite materials and coatings

A method of mathematical modeling of work processes at combustion of gaseous fuel in the flame stabilizer system using special coatings on elements of their surfaces is developed. The characteristics of structure formation and thermophysical properties of the polymer micro- and nanocomposites with isometric filler for elements of heat power equipment are investigated. Thermophysical substantiation of advanced technologies micro torch fuel combustion, flue gas heat recovery boiler unit and technological thermal installations

The technique and the complex of research on fuel and oxidizer flow structure computer simulation in the stabilizers system combined with fuel supply system are developed. The analysis of the mixing processes at different ratios of fuel penetration into the streamlined air flow and in the recirculation zone is carried out. The theoretical foundation development of monitoring of heat-and-power engineering facilities and their efficiency increasing

The research of technical diagnostics methods of the power equipment elements, – of heat recovery units for heating the water back system, – of combustion air and water in water treatment systems with higher levels of moisture content of a boiler flue gas thermal characteristics investigations are developed. In addition, the type analysis of industrial and municipal boilers, and definition the key elements of technical diagnostics are realized. The characteristics of thermal-mode heat recovery units for heating mains water and water treatment systems water in wet flue gas boilers are defined. The analysis of the existing methods and tools for technical diagnostics of power equipment elements is carried out. The estimation of heat recovery systems thermal-state for water heating systems and blowing air under the conditions of moisture injection into the combustion zone is realized. Development of thermalphysic bases for technology of combined diffusion and kinetic combustion of natural gas in boilers

The thermalphysic bases for micro torch fuel combustion in the flat flame stabilizers technology are developed, and the conditions for various mechanisms of combustion by varying the fuel supplying schemes are determined. The burners of high-performance are created and widely introduced. The effectiveness analysis of traditional and electric integrated systems of heating

With regard to the conditions of application of complex traditional and electric heating systems, an approach to assessing and optimizing the energy efficiency of residential buildings and industrial facilities based on consideration of reduced costs of energy consumption is introduced. The complex heat supply systems on the basis of infrared heating, ensuring energy savings of up to 25%, are created and implemented in a number of production facilities Improving the efficiency of boilers and industrial furnaces by application of new air-heating heat recovery equipment

The new technology thermophysical studies for flue gas heat recovery boilers of low and medium power by combining air-heating and hot-water high-performance exchangers are developed. The relevant heat recovery installation of high efficient, the use of which enhances the efficiency of boilers by 5-8%, is implemented and introduced.

Target subjects

Contract №P 5.9. PROLONGATION OF BURNERS SERVICE LIFE BY APPLICATION OF SPECIALIZED COOLING SYSTEMS (in accordance with the program “Service life and operational safety of structures, facilities and machines” (“RESOURCE”)

For the burners of stabilizer type the complex of research on the effectiveness of their cooling systems with a jet blowing the edge faces of the pylons by flat and round impact jets in the application of baffles of different configurations is implemented. As a result of comparative analysis of these systems their ranking in terms of providing the cooling effect of the burners’ walls is realized. The burners with the proposed cooling systems, the use of which can increase the burners service life in 2-2.5 times and significantly increase the overhaul life of appropriate fire-technical equipment are developed and introduced.

Contract №41. THERMOPHYSICAL SUBSTANTIATION OF NEW THECNOLOGY FOR WASTE VEGETABLE BURNING IN A MOVING FLUIDIZED BED (in accordance with the program “Biomass as a fuel feedstock (Biofuels)”)

By the results of the research, the following key features of the proposed method of burning fuel in the “mobile” fluidized bed are determined: increasing of thermal stress burning mirror (approximately in 1.5 times compared to their traditional analogs); improvement of the furnace process regulation (due to the sectional air feeding, adjusting the screw speed and the ratio of air and fuel flows); ability to burn fuel of different types due to improved control of the combustion process; easy and organized mechanism for removing ash from the firebox; the possibility of a modular manufacturing of the equipment; ability to adjust the nature of the burning process in terms of the quality of the output of the combustion box.

On base of analysis of research results a technical proposal for transfer of the boiler E-1/9-1 on waste incineration by a “movable” fluidized bed is developed.