Problem. In fire conditions, saving the bearing capacity of the main load-bearing elements (columns, beams, trusses, etc.) for a given time is a primary task of fire safety. Experimental determination of the limits of fire resistance in firing furnaces for some constructions is impossible; the calculation method is used in these cases.

Proposal of solution. With the help of the developed 3D CFD models estimated fire resistance of stands bearing structures and canopies over the stands of stadiums in Ukraine. For this calculated temperature field, determined local, maximum and average temperatures along and cross sections of metal structures to measure their fire resistance. As testing of the model determined fire resistance of supporting metal structures covers over the stands of the stadium “Olympic” (Kyiv) (Fig. 1). On fig. 1. photo constructed columns (a), total coverage scheme (b), and a separate column bearing steel canopy (c) of the stands NSC “Olympic”. On fig. 2. model tribune bearing constructions canopy over the stands and the fire seat (d), the temperature distribution in the atmosphere in time 150 min. for different fire scenarios (e, f).


                   а                                            b                                                 c


                   d                                                   f                                                       e

In this example, evaluation of fire resistance of the whole canopy structure over the stands “Olympic” stadium showed that the canopy structure has a necessary fire resistance in all scenarios of fire and no further action is required. Such a conclusion is not at all obvious without the done calculations to be carried for all important objects, especially for stadiums.

Commercial offer.

Evaluation of the fire resistance of metal structures must be carried out for all scenarios of fire stadiums with the help of developed 3D CFD models, which allow to calculate the temperature of the field and determine the maximum and average temperature of the air and in the intersections of metal structures.


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