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HEAT FLUX Transducers: sensors that are thermoelectric10-11 converters heat flow into an electrical signal according to State Standard DSTU 3756 and intended for measuring heat flow, and (or) the surface heat flux. The department started to produce sensors of different models and sizes, taking into account the characteristics of the controlled object and operating conditions.



The measuring range of the surface heat flux – (10-6 -103) W / m2.

Heat flow measurement range – (10-6 -103) W.

Operating temperature range – from -200°C to 300 °C.

Inertia – from 3 to 40 s.


TEMPERATURE Transducers: sensors that are thermoelectric converters or resistance thermometers and are intended for contact temperature measurement. Mastered several models of small probe and the surface sensors for temperature measurement and control in different technological equipment.


Temperature measurement range, from -50°C to 300 °C.

Measurement error: ± 0,5%.



Measuring complex “RESOURCE”: it is a multi-channel measurement system 10-13(up to 96 measurement channels) and is intended for contact measurements of the heat flux and temperature in determining the thermal resistance of building envelope, windows and doors. MC “RESOURCE” also can be used for measuring heat loss from buildings and power plants under natural conditions.

ADVANTAGES: allows mobile testing building envelope in natural conditions.


Surface heat flux measurement range – (10 – 300) W/m2;

Temperature measurement range – from -40 °C to 50 °C

CONSUMERS: research and testing laboratories, enterprises of the building industry and public energy and others.

DELIVERY TIME ‒ 4 ÷ 9 months depending on the scope of work under the contract.


DEVICE IT-7C: it is intended to determine the thermal conductivity of insulating and building10-14 materials under laboratory conditions


    • Automation of measurements, processing and documentation of tests;
    • A high level of metrological measurement of the thermal conductivity of samples.


The range of measurement of the thermal conductivity (0,02 ÷ 3,0) W/(m∙K);Limits of permissible relative error of ± 3%.

Operating temperature range from – 40 °C to 180 °C.

CONSUMERS: research and testing laboratories, enterprises of the building industry.

DELIVERY TIME ‒ 6 ÷ 8 months.


PORTABLE DEVICE IT-8M: it is intended for express measurement of the thermal 10-15conductivity of building materials and products under production environment.


  • Obtaining the result in 20 minutes;
  • automation of measurement and processing of the results of tests.


The range of measured effective thermal conductivity values (0,03 ÷ 1,5) W/(m∙K);

Operating temperature range (10 ÷ 40) °C.

A sample of the test material or final product may be of any shape, but have a flat surface or allow to prepare it, with the size of the surface should be at least 200×200 mm and the thickness of the sample at least 100 mm.

Dimensions of the unit 250×250×85 mm.

Unit weight: 3.5 kg.

CONSUMERS: research and testing laboratories, enterprises of the building industry.

DELIVERY TIME – 4 months.


MEASURING SYSTEM OF HEAT CAPACITY MATERIALS: 10-15created based on multicell calorimeter, operating on the principle of step-scan (DSTU ISO 11357-4) and intended for measuring the heat capacity of polymer and synthetic materials, including rubber, plastic, composites, etc.


The range of the heat capacity measurement (300 – 3000) J/(kg∙K);

Operating temperature range (300 – 450) K;

The number of samples that are investigated at the same time 5 pcs.;

Dimensions prototype max Ø 29×5 mm;

Permissible relative error of measurement of the specific heat of ±2%;

Permissible absolute error of measurement referring temperature of ±1 K.

CONSUMERS: research and testing laboratories.



UNIVERSAL BOMB CALORIMETER: 10-16it is anhydrous bomb calorimeter for measuring the heat of combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.


  • provides automation of measurement, processing and documentation of the results;
  • not need to distilled water;
  • compact design, ease of maintenance;
  • not require the room with stable temperature and humidity conditions;
  • replaces the traditional water calorimeters which are not produced in Ukraine.

Fuel sample is prepared in accordance with the requirements of existing standards, is burned at high pressure oxygen in a bomb calorimeter, located in the thermal block of calorimeter.


The range of measuring the heat of combustion (10 – 35) kJ;

Limits of basic relative error ± (0,1- 0,2)%.

CONSUMERS: TPP, industrial and heating plants, research and development, testing and certification laboratory.


THERMAL RADIATION RECEIVER RAP-12D: 10-17it is the absolute differential cavital water cooled receiver of heat radiation and is intended for use as a non-standard tool for measuring the resulting surface heat flux during tests of various materials on fire resistance and flame velocity.


The range of measured values of the heat flux (1 ÷ 70) kW/m2;

The spectral range of the thermal radiation (0,3÷24) m;

Accepted limits of basic relative error of ± 3,5%;

The integrated absorbance 0,99 ± 0,005;

Maximum operating temperature of 50 °C.

CONSUMERS: research and testing laboratories; CAs.

DELIVERY TIME ‒ 4 months.