International Cooperation

International Cooperation

Employees of the department take an active part in the work of committees and commissions for awarding international scientific prizes, international and national scientific committees, organizing committees of high-level international conferences, the committee for standardization of Ukraine, editorial boards of leading international journals. Among them, there are the National Nobel Committee of Ukraine for Sustainable Development, the International Committee for the International Prize.named after Academician A.V. Lykov (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus), National Committee of Ukraine for Heat and Mass Transfer, Gas Turbine Commission, FTPP Department of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, First Level Institutional Control Commission of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Swirl Flows (Russia), Minsk International Forum on Heat Transfer (Belarus), International Congress of Engine Builders (Ukraine), editorial board of the magazines “Gas Turbine Technologies” and “Thermophysics and Aeromechanics” (Russia), “Engineering Physics Journal” (Republic of Belarus).

International cooperation is carried out on the following issues corresponding to the main areas of work of the Institute and the department “Heat transfer and fluid dynamics in the fields of mass forces”, “Heat transfer and fluid dynamics in cooling systems of gas turbine blades”, “Technological and environmental fundamentals of  using  local low-grade fuels”, “Methods and models for predicting and designing the corrosion resource of protective coatings of high-temperature elements of power equipment ”, “Modeling thermogasdynamic and radiation state of the Shelter and New Safe Confinement of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. “

 In these areas, strong ties are maintained with the United States (firms “Optimum Turbine Solution”, San Diego, “General Electric”, Niskayana, “Culerado”, Denver), “Pacific Northwest National Laboratory” (Richland, Washington), with the universities of the states of Utah and Minnesota, the United States Air Force Academy, Great Britain { Universities of Cardiff, Bath; “CHAM” Ltd, London), and Shelfield, “CHAM” Ltd, London, Germany (Institute of Chemical Technologies, Karlsruhe; “Siemens”.,  Mülheim; Federal Institute of Fuel Materials, Berlin; University, Chemnitz; firm “New Risky Technologies”,  Stenberg), Spain (University and National Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Madrid), France (University, La Rochelle) Italy (firm “Turbocoating”, Parma), as well as with Russia (Bauman MSTU , Moscow, KSPU-KAI (Kazan), Institute of Thermophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk), MSPofI-MPI, Moscow, St. Petersburg Academy of  Civil Aviation and the Central Boiler-Turbine Institute., St. Petersburg, Rybinsk State Aviation and Technology Academy), Belarus (Lykov HMTI of NAS of Belarus, Minsk), Georgia (University of Tbilisi) and others.

Acad. of NASU Khalatov A.A. is Honored Professor, University of Cardiff, WW Clyde Chair Professor, University of Utah (USA), Laureate of International Prizes at the NATO Science Committee, Belarus National Academy of Sciences named after Acad. A.V. Lykov, recipient of more than 20 international scientific grants. Prof. Krukovsky P.G. was co-director and scientific adviser from Ukraine in 3 international grants and a number of international contracts. Two international scientific projects are being carried out in the department with the Golden Egg company (China) and the multidisciplinary International Complex (I.P., Iran). The joint laboratory between ITTF of NASU and Golden Egg (China) was officially approved.

In general, work on international grants, agreements, contracts and business contracts ensured the preparation of scientific articles, reports, the participation of department employees in international conferences, the improvement of financial support for department employees through additional funding, and the development of the department’s material base.

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